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"A Different Kind of Safari is not only a good book, but a great story! It is not only for caregivers, teachers and parents, but for anyone who has ever felt out of place. A pink hippo named “Rosie” and her friend “Ray” take a journey and explore their similarities and differences on the river of life. Self- acceptance and the acceptance of others is exquisitely conveyed in a fresh, FUN way through this sweet tail. It is a prize for all libraries"


Anna Wood, Colorado

"Ray's story is for everyone whomever felt "outside" or "off" the beaten path. The characters in Rosie's story are alive and well within all of us. I encourage you to give yourself and someone you love a scheduled "time out" to take this "different kind of safari" and use its lessons as an opportunity to self-reflection, discovery, and inspiration."


Karen Anne Johnson, Family Advocate – New York

"An inspiration to all children looking for a place in this world. Sure to become a story time favorite"


Sheri Gates M.A. Activities Therapist - Vermont

"Helen Hipp's "A Different Kind of Safari" takes us on a journey of unlikely friendships that opens your eyes to the importance of discovering and embracing how unique each one of us is!"


Sarah Bina, Life Coach - Ohio

""A timeless book, that will speak to everyone. To be enjoyed over and over again! A fun, yet very thought provoking story for all ages. If books had a satisfaction guarantee, this one would be on the top of the list"."


By Adden B. Chrystie - California